Sell My House for Cash in North Carolina

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Is it always a good idea to sell my house for cash in North Carolina?

Not always!

We will talk about exactly how you can sell my house for cash in North Carolina– some ways when accepting a cash offer may not be the right choice for you – and when you should take the cash offer.

Sell My House For Cash In North Carolina

If you are selling your house in North Carolina to someone on the open market, there is a high chance that they will not be buying it with cash. It’s most common for buyers in North Carolina (and really in any city for that matter) to buy a house using financing because they don’t have the funds to cover the entire purchase.

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Obviously, this is not news.

Even the majority of investors out there aren’t closing the transaction entirely in cash. This is so that they can leverage the banks money but what it ends up doing is spreading themselves out too thin.

Savannah Properties doesn’t do this. That is because our main goal is building a stable community throughout northern North Carolina.

In most cases, we pay cash for your house in North North Carolina. 

The Benefits to Sell My House for Cash in North North Carolina

The benefits of a quick cash sale include:

  • fast money
  • no repairs

You won’t: deal with a buyer who needs time and financing for everything to pull through, only to find out that the lender pulled out on their loan because changes in company policies, leaving you back at square one.

You won’t: need to list your property with a realtor and pay them a big commission check.

You won’t : deal with people coming in and out of your house  and “kicking tires” before they decide to pull the trigger or not. We value your time and ours, we are serious about buying and pulling the trigger.

You won’t: need to make any repairs, paint or even clean. We buy houses exactly as is. So you won’t waste resources on junk hauling and contractors. You can even leave stuff there when you sell it if you don’t want it.

You won’t: deal with paperwork. We take care of it all.

Finding A Reputable North Carolina Cash Buyer

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Making sure that the company you are working with to sell my house for cash in North Carolina is reputable is the most important step and can save a lot of money and heartaches down the line. So making sure things are done correctly is something that needs to be paid attention to. At Savannah Properties, we are able to produce great references from previous sellers that we have helped and can even show you pictures and examples of the ways we’ve helped them. Jump over to our Testimonials page to take a deeper look. As always we are open to all of your questions – no matter how many you may have!

We take pride in being a strong part of the North Carolina home buyers community.  Our mission has always been to leave Carolina homeowners we work within a better position than when we found them. Whether that means you need us to sell your house for cash in North Carolina or not. We always do all that we can for the people who come to us in need. If you are struggling with your mortgage and need some (free) counseling, jump over to our Foreclosure help page.