Selling Your Home During a Divorce in North Carolina

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If you’ve been wondering what the process is of selling your home during a divorce in North Carolina … we dive into those steps along with what to look for in this article.

The reality is that over half of American marriages end in divorce – and many North Carolina residents need help and advice since selling a home during a divorce in North Carolina can be confusing at times. 

The home is usually the biggest asset that a couple owns and since a home is obviously not something that cannot be “divided up”, without liquidating first. A divorce is often a stressful and emotionally charged process, but it is important to try and remain rational and act in the best interest for both people. There’s a few factors to be considered during a divorce in a real estate market that has yet to rebound since the last real estate bubble bursting.

Determine When You’ll Be Selling Your Home During A Divorce in North Carolina

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Every case is different. In some divorce cases, one of the spouses will keep the house, and will buy out the other spouse’s half.

In other agreements,  one spouse will use the house for an agreed upon period of time (usually when the kids are still in the home), then sold at a later date (likely by the time the kids reach a certain age).

And of course, the couple may agree that selling the home as quickly as possible during the divorce is the best option.

Get Help From Agents or Home Buyers

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Selling your house is difficult enough in its own right. But adding the turmoil of a divorce, adds a lot to consider. It’s best not to take on the responsibility alone. More often that not, you might be having some disagreements with your spouse about issues like the selling price or whatnot. If you have some real estate professionals working with you (either a realtor or a cash buyer) then you have a 3rd party thats neutral and can guide you toward making decisions, weighing out your options and helping you reach agreements on issues like the selling price.

If you need to sell your North Carolina house fast… reputable home buyers like Savannah Properties might be an awesome option.  Companies like ours BUY HOUSES (instead of listing them like realtors do)… and we buy houses in cash and can close quick if you to.

However, If you do have the time and are not in a rush to sell your house, then listing it with an agent and selling on the open market might be the better option for you.

But if you don’t want to wait the 3-9 months it usually takes to sell a house on the market in North Carolina , then chats with us to see how we can help you with selling your home during a divorce in North Carolina. Plain and simple, we will buy it from you.

Set a Timeline (& Stick With It)

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It’s important when selling your North Carolina house during a divorce to keep a timeline. And more importantly, sticking with it.

If you decide to sell your house with a realtor on the open market, we recommend putting your house up for sale in advance to give yourself expectations to meet. Pick a firm closing date, when will be your moving dates (and times), and talk about which spouse will handle the sale  or be in charge of talking to the realtor. Its a great idea to put all of your agreements in writing and determine if there will be any penalties if either of you breach your agreements.

This will help to ensure a smooth and surprise-free house sale.

Selling Your House Fast For A Fair Offer

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The other option the tons of divorcing couples turn to is making a quick cash sale to a professional home buying company like Savannah Properties.

When you work with a reputable company like ours, it gives you the ability to sell the house quickly and stress free, and the process usually takes only a few weeks before you have your money (in a few days if you need it).

Don’t let selling your marital home in North Carolina be more stressful than it needs to be. Divorcing in itself is already hard, without the drawn-out process of a traditional home sale. In this way, the moving process is as quick as you agree it to be so each party can walk away with their half and without stress.

If you’d like to discuss your personal situation about selling your home during a divorce in North Carolina and to see if we can help save you time, reduce your stress, and get out of your situation quickly…